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Fundraiser June 16, 2012 [10 Apr 2012|11:45pm]

Hi LJ friends,
I don't normally post like this but I am hoping that people will be receptive and come show us some support. In the beginning of March, our 17 month old niece, Ava Marie Foster was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy which will continue for 4-5 months. We are holding a fundraiser, Aid Ava Fundraiser in Roseville MI. There will be raffles and prizes, great food and kid friendly games. All donations will be put on a Visa Gift Card provided by Comerica Bank. Flyers will be posted tomorrow. For more information please visit http://www.facebook.com/simplycookingcatering or call 313-626-3423 and ask for Anna. We can't do much to change our families situation, but we can try to help ease the burden a little for them.

[21 Jan 2012|02:24am]

Anyone looking for a volunteer opportunity or available to be a pet foster let me know. Many local animal rescues in the area are in need of dog foster's and supplies.

[19 Jan 2012|07:55pm]

anybody interested in helping out a local animal rescue? come on out to this fundraiser.

[09 Mar 2011|06:49pm]

If you are a shopper on eBay check out the items being sold on eBay that the All About Animal Rescue in Warren MI get's a donation from.


[04 Feb 2011|06:07am]

[02 Feb 2011|10:16pm]

All About Animals rescue grand opening [26 Jan 2011|11:43am]

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our new 13,000 square foot clinic! We are going to have refreshments, behind the scenes tours, and activities for the family! Please stop by so we can show you the clinic and how we help over 20,000 every year!


Facebook event posting

Animal fostering/adoption [17 Nov 2009|06:53pm]

Heroes for Homeless Animals has 9 adorable pitbull mix pups coming into rescue either today or tomorrow! WE NEED FOSTERS. These babies are only approx 5 weeks old. Email on FB or heroesforhomelessanimals@yahoo.com if you can help. We provide everything!


upcoming thrift store sales [02 Nov 2009|07:38pm]

Recieved some info about upcoming thrift store sales and new stores. Just wanted to share. Will be cross-posting this. sales and infoCollapse )

[19 Jun 2008|07:48pm]

College kids--where do you guys study around here? I have trouble studying at home, and when I lived in Ann Arbor there were so many places to go! I'm studying for the MCAT, and cannot really find anywhere.

Story of the Year [08 Nov 2006|05:33pm]

Open to general Public at Central Michigan University

Taste the Poison Tour
Sat. Nov. 18 @8pm Rose Arena
-Story of the Year
-Monty Are I
-The Honorary Title
-Portugal the Man

Get tickets at cmu box office or Ticketmaster.com
$10-15 for Students and Staff
$15-20 for General Public

[09 Sep 2006|12:07am]

Lostprophets U.S. tour this fall!

Book sale on Friday! [27 Jul 2006|08:25pm]

I'll be out of college in a year and have to trim down my belongings considerably before I move my stuff out of my parents' houses. I'd like to announce a medium-sized "Goodbye to most of my books and every piece of clothing outgrown between 1997 and now" sale at 40323 Pallazo Dr. in Clinton Twp.

  • Over 250 books priced from 25 cents to a dollar or less, depending on how desperate I become as the day moves on! Mostly sci-fi and fantasty, but a fair selection of every other genre as well. Excepting westerns and romance. Never westerns and romance. If you're looking for required summer reading books, all of mine from high school are ready to go too.
  • Amazing clothes for short ladies or tall younger girls! A wide range of fashionable to laughably out-of-date! Refit yourself for a day at school or a Halloween party!
  • A garage roof in case of rain!
  • Me, painfully bored!
Again, I'm at 40323 Pallazo, which is fairly easy to find if you take Garfield to between 17 and 18 Mile and turn west at either Grillo or Terra Bella. Both hit up with Pallazo, where you'll turn north. It's the sub that has Huron Elementary School in it.

I'll be there from 10:30 am till 7 or 8 pm, with a break from 2-4:00 pm.
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brand new [21 Jul 2006|04:58pm]

so how many disappointed people are there.

someone in the band got sick, yadda yadda, never made it to detroit.
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help greeley estates play 10 min extra at detroits warped [06 Jul 2006|07:02pm]

copy then paste and vote for greeley estates

[06 Jul 2006|01:48am]

whos going to see Brand New?

I'm not.

lucky ass bitches.


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[19 May 2006|11:21pm]

does anybody want a puppy. its 10 weeks old. its a pit-bull german shepard. my friend jackie cant have it anymore.
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tattoo [14 May 2006|08:53pm]

does anyone know of a tattoo place
that doesnt card, or give tattoo's to 17 year olds
or does anyone know of anyone thats good
that gives tattoos to minors

im 17 and i want a tattoo
please help
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another another NEW WEAKEND SONG! midnight! purevolume style. [10 May 2006|06:49am]


The Weakend - "Diagnosing a Haunted Child"
Click to stream the BRAND NEW demo track for a limited time.


bess [09 May 2006|03:34pm]

does anyone know how to fucking
get around bess?

at schools
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The Weakend - "A Guiding Light"
Click to stream the BRAND NEW demo track for a limited time.

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Sterling Heights photo's [30 Apr 2006|07:15pm]

Saturday was my day off from work and went out experimenting with my camera. Just went to an outdoor location where I have been wanting to do photo's at. Plus got to go offroad a little bit in my truck!! Check out the mud!! lol

Camera spec's: Nikon N75 35mm slr using 70-300 zoom lens, Fuji 200 speed film. More can be found on Imagestation

15 photo's under cutCollapse )
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Very important, please read! [08 Apr 2006|11:11pm]


Luke is the brother of a very close friend of mine. It would mean a great deal to me, but especially to their family, if you would attend and make a donation. If nothing else, please spread this flyer around so more people have a chance to come and help out. Thank you very much.

[29 Mar 2006|05:34pm]

be cute and listen to sweet rap.

Skylar is also a rapper.
click the image and re-post and ill love you forever.

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Dashboard Confessional [07 Mar 2006|02:19pm]

ok sorry that last one didn't work. Anyway, Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carraba will be playing at Saginaw Valley State University on April 22. Tickets are only $20. You can get them at the SVSU box office, call 1-866-939-SVSU or get them online svsu.tickets.musictoday.com

Hope to see you there!

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