Radio Pirate Andy (__invisibleshoe) wrote in sterlinghts,
Radio Pirate Andy


does anyone know of a tattoo place
that doesnt card, or give tattoo's to 17 year olds
or does anyone know of anyone thats good
that gives tattoos to minors

im 17 and i want a tattoo
please help
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Could alway's try finding a tattoo artist that does work on the side. Unfortunately do not know of any here at the moment.
i'm quite sure canada might be able to help you out in that department.
thats what i was thinking
why not just wait until you're 18? it's only 1 year...

you'll probably reconsider by the time you're legal, anyway.
and getting a tattoo from somewhere that doesn't card won't be safe and it not worth your money.
wow, thanks captain no fun
maybe eastside underground. i think once ur 16 u dont need parents permission
i thought eastside underground closed.
but if they didn't, thats where i got my belly button pierced & they carded me.