Becky (lil_greek) wrote in sterlinghts,

Book sale on Friday!

I'll be out of college in a year and have to trim down my belongings considerably before I move my stuff out of my parents' houses. I'd like to announce a medium-sized "Goodbye to most of my books and every piece of clothing outgrown between 1997 and now" sale at 40323 Pallazo Dr. in Clinton Twp.

  • Over 250 books priced from 25 cents to a dollar or less, depending on how desperate I become as the day moves on! Mostly sci-fi and fantasty, but a fair selection of every other genre as well. Excepting westerns and romance. Never westerns and romance. If you're looking for required summer reading books, all of mine from high school are ready to go too.
  • Amazing clothes for short ladies or tall younger girls! A wide range of fashionable to laughably out-of-date! Refit yourself for a day at school or a Halloween party!
  • A garage roof in case of rain!
  • Me, painfully bored!
Again, I'm at 40323 Pallazo, which is fairly easy to find if you take Garfield to between 17 and 18 Mile and turn west at either Grillo or Terra Bella. Both hit up with Pallazo, where you'll turn north. It's the sub that has Huron Elementary School in it.

I'll be there from 10:30 am till 7 or 8 pm, with a break from 2-4:00 pm.
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