simplycooking06 (simplycooking06) wrote in sterlinghts,

Fundraiser June 16, 2012

Hi LJ friends,
I don't normally post like this but I am hoping that people will be receptive and come show us some support. In the beginning of March, our 17 month old niece, Ava Marie Foster was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy which will continue for 4-5 months. We are holding a fundraiser, Aid Ava Fundraiser in Roseville MI. There will be raffles and prizes, great food and kid friendly games. All donations will be put on a Visa Gift Card provided by Comerica Bank. Flyers will be posted tomorrow. For more information please visit or call 313-626-3423 and ask for Anna. We can't do much to change our families situation, but we can try to help ease the burden a little for them.
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